• A cancelled flight doesn’t have to be the end of the trip

    Imagine this: you have been working on a major presentation to bring on a new client for the past three months. The day of the big presentation begins with you waking up to brilliant sunshine in Minneapolis (MSP), all set to fly to Dallas, with a quick connection in Chicago. Things are headed in the right direction as you head for the airport. You board the plane in MSP in a great mood, albeit a little nervous for the big presentation. Smooth as can be, you push away from the gate on time. An hour later you are on the ground in Chicago.

    One slight hiccup: the ground is covered in snow. But you don’t panic, the day started off on a fantastic note. You’re in Chicago and so is your connection to Dallas. You’ve got this. It’s been snowing and sleeting all morning in Chicago, and more than 6 inches of ice and snow have piled up on the ground. You make your way off the plane, and rush to your next gate only to see the dreaded words that can seriously mess up your day: FLIGHT CANCELLED.

    Airplane snow

    What happened to your brilliant start to getting to this important meeting? Now what? Who do you call? What do you do? The line to re-book with the gate agent is 40 people deep, and you need to be in Dallas in three hours. By the time you finally reach the gate agent, the only flight available is seven hours later, meaning you will miss the presentation and mostly likely lose the opportunity with the potential client.

    As you look back at what happened, you really wish there was someone who had your back on days like this. Someone who knew your flight from Chicago was cancelled before it came up on the board. Someone who booked you on the next flight so you didn’t even have to go to the gate agent, let alone be 41st in the queue. Someone who made sure you made that meeting in Dallas. And even better, that someone knew the best way to contact you – by email, phone or even through your travel app. All you’d have to do is sit back and relax as someone took care of all necessary travel changes on your behalf. No more waiting in long lines, no more losing productivity, and most importantly, no more missed presentations.

    The good news is that someone has a name: CWT Trip Disruption Services.