• Smart steps for Earth Day: Moving people and business responsibly

    Planes, trains and automobiles can take a toll on our environment—even with an increasing number of options to power transportation in more sustainable ways. Being in the business of travel, CWT has made a commitment to doing business responsibly, and a large part of that relates to operating in ways that protect our environment.

    Today, our company is joining with 1 billion people around the world in activities celebrating Earth Day—the largest civic observance in the world. (Source: Earth Day Network)

    We are excited about our innovative products and culture that aim to make every day more eco-friendly in our business. Our company continues ongoing efforts to adopt “eco-attitudes” among our offices, teams and individual employees through various environmentally friendly efforts in our daily work.

    One of the primary environmental objectives at CWT is achieving a significant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per employee.  So this year, we are increasingly focused on being smart commuters in our trips to and from work, as commuting represents about 40% of CWT’s total measured GHG emissions.


    Helping more employees utilize public transportation, carpooling, telecommuting and even walking makes for a healthier environment and a healthier CWT!