• Why it’s important to book via your travel management company

    Did you know business travelers who book outside their travel management companies spend an average of 43 minutes shopping for air and hotel fares? This translates to about $74 in lost productivity per traveler. Yet when you ask these travelers why they book elsewhere, the answer is often: “We’re getting the better deal this way, right?”


    This is just one of the myths about booking business travel. Here at Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), we want to help travel managers educate their travelers and correct these misconceptions. So let’s do a little mythbusting and take a closer look at the most commonly held business travel misinterpretations.


    Myth 1: Cost and convenience

    “It doesn’t matter where I book my air and hotel, as long as I make reasonable decisions.”


    CWT has already negotiated the lowest rates and set up policies, which eliminates the need to search for flights, hotels and cars on your own. Flights booked outside of company policy can actually end up costing your company more and add an unacceptable level of inconvenience to you.


    Myth 2: Loyalty points

    “I get rewards, including elite status rewards, that I can’t get anywhere else when I book directly with a specific hotel, airline or through certain travel websites.”


    You get the same rewards booking through your company’s online booking tool — including the elite rewards (i.e. Gold, Platinum member points/miles) you would receive booking directly with an airline or hotel (and sometimes more!) on eligible trips. CWT’s travel program is one of the few that ensures this benefit.


    Myth 3: Control

    “Airlines and hotels can help me more than our travel agency if there’s a trip disruption.”


    If there’s a trip disruption, CWT travel counselors look across your entire trip to get you on the best flight (even on another airline) that an individual airline or hotel won’t do. Our team has special access to certain airlines and hotels to get you the change you need, fast!

    Myth 4: Safety & Security

    “My company doesn’t need to know my specific travel plans, as long as I get to the meeting on time.”


    It’s true your company is less concerned with which approved hotel or flight you choose, but once you book, your company needs to able to contact you in the event of an emergency, a flight disruption or any change that affects your business travel objectives. And if it’s a serious situation, CWT can serve as a conduit of information to your loved ones.

    Want to learn more about how CWT can help you educate your travelers? Contact us here.