• Five tips to help stay safe and healthy – Rio Olympics 2016

    Are you traveling to Rio?

    CWT Meetings & Events has teamed up with International SOS to help you stay safe and healthy with these five tips:

    1. Vaccinations: Have you checked whether all your vaccinations are up to date? You can find out which you need here
    2. Safety: Program local emergency numbers into your phone: Ambulance: 192, Fire: 193 and Police: 197. And remember to keep only a small amount of cash in your pockets, ideally in small denominations.
    3. Health: Remember to use insect repellent at all times, and be particularly vigilant in the evening and at night. It’s worth packing a mosquito net to add another layer of safety.
    4. Food and Drink: It’s always worth drinking bottled water and avoiding ice. Avoid consuming street food, especially where you think hygiene standards may be low.
    5. Language: Familiarize yourself with a few Portuguese phrases, even if only ‘hello’ (olá), “please” (por favor) and “thank you” (obrigado).

    Want to know more? Check out a health and safety guide here.