• Sowing Seeds of Peace through travel management


    The world news headlines are full of conflict. But behind the headlines are incredible stories of courage and hope despite global tensions. CWT is fortunate to be an ongoing part of one such story for more than a decade, through our partnership with an organization called Seeds of Peace. Seeds of Peace impacts young leaders from 27 countries and places of conflict around the world (primarily in the Middle East), empowering them and encouraging them to return home to lead positive change.

    CWT is the exclusive travel services provider to Seeds of Peace and also provides annual philanthropic support for the organization’s International Camp in Maine. Each of the campers wears a symbolic green t-shirt (with a CWT logo on their sleeves) to establish unity despite differences in background.


    On the weekend before camp begins, Karen Klimpl, CWT travel counselor, checks in on the statuses of hundreds of young travelers coming from some of the most complex travel routes across the world. She knows which kids need to make it through Palestinian checkpoints and always has a backup plan if they’re delayed. She doesn’t divert her focus until every young person from every country has arrived at his or her destination.

    Eric Norberg, CWT Director of Global Business Development, is a member of the Seeds Global Leadership Council and explains that Seeds of Peace should give us enormous optimism even when there are a lot of reasons to be cynical.

    “I visit the Camp in Maine almost annually and am always inspired by the young people who come from across the world, demonstrating tremendous courage in doing so,” Norberg said. “And seeing that CWT logo on the arm of their t-shirts gives me great pride.”

    CWT has also made contributions through the organization’s annual gala. In 2011, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, former Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Carlson, was honored at the event and delivered moving remarks to more than 500 people in attendance.


    The more than 6,000 alumni of Seeds of Peace become leaders in their communities, driving a decline in violence. They are a source of great hope in the world for stability, prosperity and peace.

    CWT’s support for Seeds of Peace is just one of the ways we bring responsible business to life. For other stories from employees around the world, and to learn more about our commitment to making a difference in our communities, take a look at our recently released fourth annual Global Responsible Business Report.