• Kurt Ekert at the Meetings Technology Expo 2016

    Speaking at the ‘Meetings Technology Expo’ in New York recently, our CEO Kurt Ekert identified three global trends affecting the business travel industry: digitization, connectivity and personalization.


    Digitization makes the world feel smaller allowing the travel industry to better understand companies’ challenges, behavioral differences and changing requirements. Digitization is driving the rapid advance of sharing economies directly into the business travel world, with more travelers using services like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb for business travel.


    The growth of smart devices has brought forth the social, local and mobile revolution. Travelers now have connectivity nearly anytime and anywhere in the world, and they are putting it to use via social networking and location-based services.

    Consumer adoption of these mobile devices has created a shift in traveler expectations. Travelers now expect immediate and continual access to information in all parts of their lives, including business travel. They want fingertip access to relevant, local offers and services based on their location.


    Through digital innovations and social media, it is now possible to engage travelers and build long-term relationships. Travel suppliers can combine technology tools with the traveler’s desire for personalization to create new levels of services. Customized content based on what a traveler likes, their location and current activity will become key as travelers constantly look to navigate through the clutter.

    To summarize, the new real-time society influences the travel industry to start thinking and acting differently, keeping up to date with rapidly changing technology and traveler expectations.