The future of business travel

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Tomorrow’s traveler is looking for flexibility, for simplicity and connectivity. While we have to be able to deliver to today’s expectations, we also have to be anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s traveler, tomorrow’s travel manager and tomorrow’s procurement manager as well.

That’s how Nick Vournakis, Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s Senior VP Global Marketing, sees the future of business travel. Here’s more, as we continue to look ahead to travel in 2014 and beyond:

If you can’t see the embedded video, check it out on YouTube.

What are your thoughts on what’s coming in the next year? Give us your ideas in the comments below, or post them on Twitter using the #travel2014 hashtag.

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Guest post: Staying connected while traveling

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CWT Savvy Traveler
We’re pleased to welcome guest blogger, Nathan Strelow, Global Project Manager for the CWT Solutions Group, to tell us a little bit about the importance of remaining connected while traveling.

strelow_nateWhen you’re traveling for business, how important is it that you’re able to remain connected to your email, phone, and other systems you have access to at the office? If it’s highly important to you, you’re not alone. In fact, in a recent study the CWT Solutions Group conducted with 6,000 business travelers around the world, results showed that “poor/no internet connection” was the second highest stress factor for travelers.

With the increased focus on staying connected while traveling, travel managers are starting to look at the ways in which their travelers are accessing email, phone, etc., while on the road. The most recent CWT ViewPoint takes a look at this emerging area of travel management: “Managing connectivity ‘next big thing’ in travel management.”

Productivity is a key driver of travelers’ desire to stay connected while traveling, and most companies would agree that it’s important for employees to have access to the tools and systems they need to do business while on the road. However, there are some key considerations businesses can look at when determining the most efficient and cost-effective ways for travelers to stay connected to the office. Below are a few key areas that both travelers and travel managers should take a look at:

  • In-flight internet: Depending on the length of the flight, and the amount of work the traveler will be able to accomplish during that time, it may or may not be worth the cost of using in-flight internet services.
  • Hotel internet access: When this service is included as a part of the negotiated corporate rate, hotel internet connections can be a convenient and cost-effective way for travelers to stay connected. When it’s not included, travelers should check their travel policy to see if the cost of the service is a covered business expense.
  • Mobile devices: Different companies have different approaches to mobile device use. Some may provide an approved mobile device to travelers, while others will reimburse the cost for travelers to use a personal mobile device. In either scenario, there is the opportunity to evaluate whether the current mobile device plan being used allows for the appropriate data, text and minute allotments.


These are just a few of the considerations reviewed in the CWT ViewPoint. For more information, I’d invite you to read the full document.  Additionally, I’ll be presenting on an upcoming BTN Group webinar, “Connectivity and Calling Costs: The Next Frontier for Travel Managers” on February 14 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Participation is free, and you can register here.

How do you stay connected while traveling? Do you have any tips for fellow travelers? We’d love to hear them.

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What CWT is doing about travel stress

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Patrick Coleman
I don’t know about you, but when I travel for business, there are definitely parts of the process that stress me out.

Stress trigger ranking
by perceived strength

Each individual stress factor has a maximum possible strength of 100 points – attainable if all respondents selected a 10 for the question corresponding to this factor.

In a previous life, I covered college sports on a regular basis. (Now I do so in my spare time, for fun, but the travel is still stressful.) As such, I traveled frequently, and on the weekends, and often into small markets. In looking at CWT’s new report, the Stress Triggers for Business Travelers, I can identify with several of the top stress points in this graphic. You can click on it for a larger version.

There are a couple of markets I travel to on a regular basis where the Internet connection is still an issue, even in this day and age. While I started traveling in the dial-up era, bandwidth has grown and my needs have grown along with it. I’ve only recently begun to encounter a two-tiered bandwidth system, but I always need the high-end tier. A 300k upload speed is not enough. And nothing is more maddening than starting an upload or a download and not being able to trust that your file will reach its destination.

For me, being able to eat properly and maintain a workout routine is important, and those two facets always go hand in hand. Typically, I’ll pack a couple of fiber bars in my carry-on bag so I can avoid late-night room service or eating at the hotel bar.

Unfortunately, when covering sports, traveling on the weekends is a fact of life and can’t be avoided. It’s not convenient for me to be away from my family but it comes with the territory. But then, there’s one item at the bottom of the list that drives me crazy, too, and that’s taking a taxi. That must be a personal foible of mine, but when I’m catching a 6:30 a.m. flight on Sunday to get back home to my wife and kids, the last thing I want to do is be dependent on a cab.

Those stressers and the other 28 in this report are part of the Travel Stress Index that CWT is developing, to help determine how travel-related stress affect an organization’s productivity levels. By quantifying that stress and its cost, we aim to help companies make smarter travel policy decisions.

In fact, it’s perhaps a surprise to travelers or travel managers that a company can gain more in employee productivity than it saves money on economy seating or lower-end hotel accommodations.

I would definitely suggest you check out the full travel stress report from CWT Solutions Group.

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